Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2018 Regional Conference

Meet our Speakers

Jeffrey D. Shelley

Freelancer, Seoul

Talk / Anthropology: Build a Class Culture with Impact

Culture pervades every level of human life, from the habits of an entire nation’s people to the intimate dynamics found within a group of friends. Rituals, customs, traditions and iconography are powerful—together, they have the potential to change lives.

Paul Johnson

Changshin University

Talk / To Be Rather than to Seem: Teaching Tips from a Punk Existentialist

Teachers are supposed to look and act in certain ways, right? What do we see in our minds when we think about the concept of “Good Teacher?” This interactive workshop seeks to challenge many of the traditional assumptions about what it means to be a good teacher, and includes general “Teaching Tips.”

Luis Roberto Caballero Orozco

Ulsan National University of Science & Technology

Talk / Using Critical Pedagogy in the EFL Classroom

In 1968, Brazilian educational theorist Paolo Freire called for a new approach to teaching. By employing what he referred to as a “critical pedagogy,” teachers can transform their classrooms into forums for student empowerment and social change. In a critical pedagogy classroom, educators put students on a path toward finding their own voices on complex issues that affect their daily lives. Students trace social inequalities to their root causes, identify how these issues impact their own communities, and advocate for action that ensures a more just, inclusive tomorrow.

Maria Lisak

Chosun University

Talk / Snowstorms & Cheat Sheets – End of Term Reflection Ideas

Two kinesthetic activities are shared as reflection activities, making a lively as well as thoughtful end to the semester. Each activity can be modified to prompt or extend other classroom activities or homework. The presenter shares how she has students create an end-of-term portfolio for their blog using two in-class activities. Learners do the activities in class then take pictures to post on their blog as a prompt for more written reflection.

Aaron Snowberger

Jeonju University

Talk / Atomic Habits that will turn you into a Superhero

Drawing on numerous resources and extensive personal experience, this presentation will investigate what habits are, how they work, and how building the right ones into your life will turn you into a literal superhero. We’ll take a look at triggers, cravings, and rewards; the formation of good habits and the destruction of bad habits; and the top 6 High Performance Habits developed by Brendon Burchard and the High Performance Institute after over a decade of research and coaching.

Hannah Jones

Teacher & Copyeditor

Talk / Creating an Interactive Classroom

There are various methods teachers can use to facilitate stronger interaction in their classrooms. First, we must define what interaction means in a learning context. Brown and Lee define interaction as “the heart of communication.” It involves collaboration, or shared labor, in given tasks and the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Interaction implies high degrees of mutuality and rapport. Interaction also involves negotiating meaning when obstacles are encountered.