Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2018 Regional Conference

Meet our Speakers

Maria Lisak

Chosun University

Talk / Snowstorms & Cheat Sheets – End of Term Reflection Ideas

Two kinesthetic activities are shared as reflection activities, making a lively as well as thoughtful end to the semester. Each activity can be modified to prompt or extend other classroom activities or homework. The presenter shares how she has students create an end-of-term portfolio for their blog using two in-class activities. Learners do the activities in class then take pictures to post on their blog as a prompt for more written reflection. The in-class portion invites learners to write or draw and then share through a speaking practice activity. Spoken shares can be varied up with a quick circle or pair share. Small groups are also great ways for learners to share with each other to extend their writing. Class-wide shares elicit key words to help students summarize their writing. The movement involved in these reflective prompts helped the presenter’s students re-charge their creativity and critical thinking as they prepared their final reflection for their blog portfolio.

About Maria

Maria Lisak is the newly elected Nominations & Elections Committee Chair. She is the online Facebook coordinator for the KOTESOL Social Justice (Critical Educators in Korea) Special Interest Group. She has been teaching public administration and social welfare at Chosun University since 2012 and is currently working on her EdD in Literacy, Culture and Language Education through Indiana University. As a lifetime member of KOTESOL, she hopes that KOTESOL members are comfortable stepping up for volunteer leadership roles. You can check out her CV on her blog: