Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2018 Regional Conference

Meet our Speakers

Paul Johnson

Changshin University

Talk / To Be Rather than to Seem: Teaching Tips from a Punk Existentialist

Teachers are supposed to look and act in certain ways, right? What do we see in our minds when we think about the concept of “Good Teacher?” This interactive workshop seeks to challenge many of the traditional assumptions about what it means to be a good teacher, and includes general “Teaching Tips.” These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Teaching is a two-way street. Only when the teachers and students are participating can the exchange of information take place.
  2. Don’t feel like you have to talk all of the time. It’s not about trying to look like a good teacher, it’s about being a good teacher. And sometimes that means sitting there doing nothing (Okay, so not nothing. You’re allowing the students to learn, giving them the time and space they need to tear their intellectual muscles).
  3. Figure out ways of getting students to tear their intellectual muscles.
  4. Games are fun. We need to remove the negative stigma surrounding games. Gamification away!
  5. Don’t have elaborately planned out lessons. Ask yourself, “Why am I planning out these lessons so much? Is it because I think it will make the class better, or because it makes me feel better, like I’m doing a good job?”
  6. Avoid going wholesale on one strategy.
  7. Teaching is an art, not a science.
  8. Above all, foster a DIY (Do It Yourself) attitude in your students.

About Paul

Paul Johnson was born and raised in Southern California. He has an M.A. in Philosophy and focuses on Ethics. He loves running, reading, and making music. He wants to use games to help make the world a better place. Paul teaches at Changshin University.