Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2018 Regional Conference

Meet our Speakers

Rhea Metituk

University of Ulsan

Talk / Integration Station – Increasing Student Talking time and Spicing up the Classroom

Attendees will be invited to consider their own pedagogy through a short reflective practice session. Lesson plans for strong and medium CLT methods to create high student talking to teacher talking time will be shared, including aspects of flipped learning and assessing quality of discussion questions used in preparation for speaking time, importance of the structure of physical space in the classroom, tempo, and technology options for assignments. Methodology for conversation and transcription tests will be presented as well as classroom research on rubric and grading methods. Participants will workshop lesson objectives including consideration of fluency vs. accuracy and discuss best methodology for conducting learning environments, and measuring learning objectives in terms of takeaways to include in their own education settings.

About Rhea

Rhea Metituk has an MA in Rhetorical Writing and Digital Media and is currently posted at the University of Ulsan. Research interests include social and environmental justice, CLT (Communicative Language Theory), and flipped/blended learning. Experience with young learners as well as adults in private institutes, public and post-secondary schools has informed her experience, in addition to NGOs in Canada and Swaziland, ESL in Canada, and teaching English sign language. In KOTESOL, she volunteers as president of the Busan-Gyeongnam chapter, Financial Affairs Chair, and co-coordinator of the Environmental Justice SIG.