Jeonju-North Jeolla KOTESOL 2018 Regional Conference

Organizing Team

Aaron Snowberger

President / Designer

Aaron is a Google Certified Educator and Trainer, magazine graphic designer, and website and mobile app developer who’s obsessed with achieving optimal performance in his own life. His favorite habits include 4am wake-up calls, pre- and post-work workouts, “reading” 1-2 books per week, rocking the bass guitar every weekend, and giving awesome presentations like this one.

Suhhee Kang

Vice President

Suhhee Kang has taught English since 1998. She has taught in several Hagwons including Min Byung Chul, Jung Cheol, Jongno and E.Bo Young's talking club in Seoul and Bundang before moving to Jeonju.

Suhhee is currently a self employed tutor and enjoys teaching. She is especially happy to see her students improving their language skills. Autonomy is important her classroom, and her expectations are that the students take control of their learning process. She also does her best to promote a comfortable learning environment where her students don't feel afraid of making mistakes.

Ingrid Zwaal


Ingrid Zwaal is currently the foreign teacher who has been in Jeonju the longest at 23 years. She works at Jeonju University when not playing volleyball or with her three badly behaving dogs. She writes a weekly news column in a local paper about herself and her adventures.

Allison Bill

Facebook Promotion

Allison Bill is an English Education professor at Jeonju University.